Events 2017

July 22 and 23
Infestation at Pat Sullivans and Lisa Lee's  
Potluck, by invitation
Hereford, AZ

Friday August 4
South West Wings
12:30 pm to 2 pm: Powerpoint presentation Beetles of Arizona
7pm to 10pm: Black lighting, Ramsey Canyon Nature Preserve
  Public, free
Sierra Vista/Hereford, AZ
August 12 to 17
Madrean Discovery Expedition
Sierra San Diego By invitation
Sonora, Mexico

Saturday, 19 August 2017
CAzBA (Central Arizona Butterfly Association)
Powerpoint presentation: Natural History of Moths
Afterwards: Black lighting Public  
Boyce Thompson Arboretum
Superior, AZ 


  1. How do I find get information about joining you on one of the upcoming events? Do you welcome the public to tag along?

  2. Hi Dyan, if you read the text on the right, you see that some events are bug safaris that I organize and lead, and those cost a fee, depending on how long and how far we go.
    Others are parties for bug enthusiasts and if you are one of those, I can connect you to the hosts - they are usually potlucks - so you'd bring a dish.
    The talks at SW Wings and the Arboretum in Superior are free. The work shopr at Butterfly World in Scottsdale needs to be paid for through that organization. I hope this helps?